Sunday, March 23, 2014

The WikiTree Experience

The past few months I've been spending a great deal of time working on WikiTree, a web site creating a giant family tree consisting of entries from thousands of users.

At first I was using it as a tool to help organize my increasingly massive and unwieldy database. As I worked collaboratively with other WikiTree users, I came to appreciate how the records I have collected are not only that of my own ancestry, but that of millions of other people as well.

WikiTree allows us to work together to document our family histories and expand them into other histories and lineages we might not have discovered on our own. The collected resources of WikiTree PMs (Profile Managers in Wiki parlance) are enormous and truly impressive. It's like working with the most talented professional genealogist you can image.

If you haven't discovered WikiTree yet, click HERE for my profile, follow the links of ancestors, cousins, descendants and all of their rich documentation.

You'll be amazed!