Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lewis Family Tree Pages and Updates

After additional research and data entry into my database, I've uploaded a new family tree GEDcom onto my genealogy web page and onto the Rootsweb Worldconnect site. You can access them by clicking on the page links at the top of this blog, for "Lewis Family Tree" and "Rootsweb Worldconnect"

If you're not familiar with the Rootsweb Worldconnect site, it presents family trees in a searchable and browsable format, by surname. It also allows you to search through other family trees to find connections from other researchers. Keep in mind that anyone can enter anything into a family tree on Rootsweb, including me, and there is no independent verification of any information provided. Let the researcher beware!

Surnames with new information in my family tree include LEWIS, LEWES, MONKMAN, CLAXTON, MARSHALL and CARPENTER. In addition, I've added several new surnames of maternal lines of descendants from these surnames.


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