Thursday, September 19, 2013

Edmond Lewes - Ipswich, St. Clement

Hello Suffolk Researchers:

I am still searching for birth and marriage records for Edmond Lewes (Lewis) )(b. 1600/1601) who sailed on the Elizabeth from Ipswich to Watertown, Massachusetts in 1634, with his wife Mary (b. 1602) and two sons, John (3) and Thomas (9 months). The passenger list for the Elizabeth lists Edmond's age as 33 and Mary's age of 32.

John Lewes was baptized to Edmond Lewes, July 18, 1630 at St. Mary le Tower. Thomas Lewes was baptized to Edm. and Mary, May 27, 1633 at St. Mary at the Elms. Edmond Lewes was listed in Freemen of the Borough of Ipswich in 1632, with no other information.

A will for Richard Lewes of Ipswich, merchant, 14 October 1625, lists Edmond Lewes as a son, apprenticed to Luke Fisher of Ipswich, ropemaker. Richard Lewes was noted as Church Warden of the Parish of St. Clement Ipswich in 1598. Richard Lewes's burial in 1625 is noted in the St. Clement Parish records.

Unfortunately, the microfilm of the St. Clement Parish Records available in the LDS FamilySearch catalog contains only marriages from this time period and an incomplete index compiled Edward Cookson in the 1800s.

There are repeated references of Edmond Lewes's origins in Wales or Lynn Regis, Norfolk, as well as his wife's surname as Carey. I've not found any evidence to support these claims. I find it much more likely that Edmond Lewes was born in or around Ipswich, Suffolk, where there are numerous Lewes/Lewis families in the 1600s.

I would especially appreciate any information from the Ipswich St. Clement Parish Records that might shed light on Edmond's birth around 1601.

Thank you in advance!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

William Lewes of Roxbury

It's time to deal with another Lewis family myth, that of William Lewes of Roxbury, Massachusetts, who some authors claim was a brother of Edmond Lewes of Lynn, while Isaac Newton Lewis, author of the biography and genealogy of William Lewis of Roxbury claims they were cousins.

It is said that William Lewes of Roxbury came to Massachusetts in 1630 from Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England, returned to Stoke by Nayland and married Lydia Morse, and then returned to Massachusetts, and Roxbury, in 1635 on the ship Globe.

Unfortunately, there is no documentation for these claims. William Lewes was indeed born in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England in 1602, son of William Lewis and Elinore Taylor. He married Lydia Morse, daughter of Richard Morse in 1621 in Stoke by Nayland. He was named in his father's will in June 1634. William and Lydia had a son named John, born in Stoke by Nayland in 1638, so William and his family could not have been on the Globe in 1635 (the William Lewes on the Globe in 1635 was 25 years old, while William Lewes of Roxbury was 33).

At some point after 1638, William Lewes married Amy Weld (assumed surname), and they first appear as husband and wife in Roxbury in 1640, in the church records of Rev. John Eliot. Two sons were born to William and Amy in America, one in 1641 and one born in Boston but baptized in Roxbury in 1644. William died in Roxbury in 1671.

Therefore, William Lewes and family sailed from England, probably from Ipswich, sometime between 1638 and 1640.

As to the relationship between Edmond Lewes of Lynn and William Lewes of Roxbury, there is only anecdotal claims of them as being brothers or cousins. As yet, there is no documentation of their relationship.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lewis Family Tree Pages and Updates

After additional research and data entry into my database, I've uploaded a new family tree GEDcom onto my genealogy web page and onto the Rootsweb Worldconnect site. You can access them by clicking on the page links at the top of this blog, for "Lewis Family Tree" and "Rootsweb Worldconnect"

If you're not familiar with the Rootsweb Worldconnect site, it presents family trees in a searchable and browsable format, by surname. It also allows you to search through other family trees to find connections from other researchers. Keep in mind that anyone can enter anything into a family tree on Rootsweb, including me, and there is no independent verification of any information provided. Let the researcher beware!

Surnames with new information in my family tree include LEWIS, LEWES, MONKMAN, CLAXTON, MARSHALL and CARPENTER. In addition, I've added several new surnames of maternal lines of descendants from these surnames.