Thursday, August 11, 2011

Edmond Lewes not from Glamorgan, Wales

We now have definitive documentation that Edmond Lewes of Lynn, Massachusetts was not the same historical figure as Edmund Lewis of Llys Talybont, Glamorgan, Wales, as claimed by Edward Simmons Lewis in The Lewis Family of Wales and America, 1928, The Journal of American History, Volume XXII, Third Quarter, Number 3.

To whit: 

Survey of Llystalybont of 1653

Edmund LEWIS, Gent, Houldeth There by coppie of court rowle enrowled and bearing the date eight day of may in the 13th; year of the late King Charles I, in the year of our lord god 1637. One messuadge one of chard. one garden, and 36 acres of lands arable meadow and pasture with appurtence for the terme of his leiff and the lives of CATHERIN his wiffe and Thomas LEWIS their sonn and the longest liver of them successive lie according to the custome of the said manor at Ye yearlie rent of 8/4d. Etc; etc; signed by Thomas LEWIS esq; Then Steward of the Said Manor. 

(The Old County borough of Cardiff, Vol III, page 313, dated 1653; Local Studies Dept., Cardiff Central Library)

This definitively proves that Edmund Lewis of Llys Talybont, Glamorgan, Wales was alive and still living in Llys Talybont on May, 8, 1637, three years after Edmond Lewes had sailed from Ipswich, Suffolk, England to Watertown, Massachusetts.

From: Descendants of Edmond Lewes of Lynn, Copyright 2011, Arana Gulch Press, Santa Cruz, California, all rights reserved.

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