Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lewis DNA Test

I've just gotten the results on a DNA test I submitted to a private research group, with fascinating results.

It seems that our DNA pattern is quite unique from that of other Lewis lines, from Wales or other parts of the UK. It fits he normal R1B1 haplotype of Western European Anglo-Saxons, but it is distinctly different in two chracters (DSY391 and DSY464, for those in the know. I compared my pattern to that of 63,000 others in a global DNA database and found only one match, in London!

While this makes it very easy to natch with another sample, it begs the question of the origin of Edmond Lewis and our particular Lewis line. We are distinctly different in the Lewis Surname DNA project. Only three other samples come close, and two of those I know to be descendants of the Edmond Lewis line.

Visions of Saxon hordes crossing the plains of East Anglia!