Sunday, May 6, 2007

Searching for Edmond Lewis of Lynn

I'm been actively doing genealogy research for about seven years now. I successfully penetrated my brick wall, to find the ancestors of Thomas Jefferson Lewis, born in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio in 1810.

Now I'm researching the origin of Edmond Lewis, who traveled to Watertown, Massachusetts in 1634, with his wife Mary and his two sons Thomas and John.

Two books have upheld the myth that Edmond Lewis of Lynn was the same as Edmund Lewis of Llystalybont, Glamorgan, Wales, despite the complete lack of any documentation for the claim. In addition, many sources claim that Edmond Lewis of Lynn married Mary Carey of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England, again with a total lack of documentation.

I am searching for evidence of Edmond Lewis's origin, marriage and children in Norfolk or Suffolk, England. It makes far more sense that Edmond came from East Anglia than Glamorgan, Wales, as much as I would like to know that my ancestors are Welsh. With the timing of 1634 in the middle of the Great Migration to America, it is likely that Edmond was involved in the Dissenter or Puritan movement, a came to America in company of fellow members of that movement. Most of the passengers on the Elizabeth were from small villages in the Ipswich area.

This doesn't completely discount a possible origin in Wales for Edmond, though such an explanation is less likely.

Michael Alan Lewis


jms said...

My direct Lewis line:
(tons snipped above this generation)
(last 4 generations withheld from website to prevent identify theft)

Maybe we will find a connection.

Sunnyvale, California

Joanne said...

I too have been researching my lewis connections and hit a dead end with Edmond.

I grew up with a family legend that somewhere in our past we had a scottish princess in ur family.

Last summer I was talking to a geneologist in Nova Scotia and she said that most Lewis' migrating from ipswich england were connected to the Royal Stuarts and Clan Stuart of Argyle/Bute

Joanne Lewis-Ranney

jms said...

You might want to look into Arundel Castle built by Alfred the Great, which was for the Dukes of Norfolk from whom descends the Lewis family of America.

Edmund was born about 1601 and he married Mary (Carey) Carew.
Mary (Carey) Carew was born about 1602 in Norfolk, England
Edmund and Mary sailed from Ipswitch, England on the ship Elizabeth on 30 Apr 1634. The passenger list names Edmund Lewis 33, Mary, his wife, 32, John Lewis 3 and Thomas Lewis, aged 9 months. They settled at Watertown then at Lynn, Massachusetts. Note-I have a copy of his will.

A good source for Lewis info is Lewisianna Letters. It is a lot to go through as there are 17-20 volumes and each volume has 12 issues. Example Volume 12 No. 7 page XXX.

Hope that helps some.

Sunnyvale, California
(Has Lewis information)

Joanne said...

Here is what I don't understand. Lewis is a welsh name. So how do then originale in Norfolk?

jms said...

You really have to do research on this. There seems to be a cross that farther back you go.
Here is some information, but you really have to do TONS of research (as I have, taking many years).

Edward ap Lewis settled at the Van in Caerphilly in the early 16th century. He and his descendants acquired extensive lands in the Taff & Rhymney Valleys and in the Vale of Glamorgan, particularly in Llanishen, Whitchurch, Radyr, St.Fagans & Penmark, plus property in Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire. In 1616 Sir Edward Lewis of Van purchased St.Fagans Castle and its surrounding lands from Sir William Herbert and set about improving the castle (really a fortified manor house rather than a true castle).
St.Fagans Castle now called the National Museum of Wales - Museum of Rural Life. The castle itself is a museum and in the grounds have been built many buildings transferred from all over Wales to show what life was like in days past.

Here are 2 pointers I will give you so you can do further research (wish someone had helped me out when I was searching) look at the book- Annals and Antiquities of the Counties and County Families of Wales and the book Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families.

The One said...

My Lewis connection is:

Grandfather George Thomas Lewis d: 1918

Great Grandfather George Thomas Lewis d: 1860-1943, married to Agnes G. Lewis, Sarah Lewis, and Margaret Ann Coulter (My great grandmother).
He was born in West Whiteland, Chester County, Pennsylvania
- Their children were:
Walter C Lewis
Mary L Lewis
George T Lewis
Lavinia E Lewis
Helen C Lewis
Emily E Lewis

I am looking for other decendents...and I also have a gap in my line. Though we are decendents of the Lewis' who owned St. Fagan's Castle in Wales.

These Lewis' were all in the Philadelphia area.

S. Lockhart
Southern, California

Hayduke said...

I'm publishing my detailed responses to these comments in my blog.


simonnoyeslewis said...


My name is Simon Noyes-Lewis and from a family tree I have, I can see a direct link to Sir Edward Lewis of the Van 1560-1628. We live in Lower Slaughter Gloucestershire

Anonymous said...

You may be interested to know that Edward Lewis lived at Van Mansion and it`s up for sale. You may find this interesting:

One of his decendents a Thomas Lewis built The Newhouse at around 1750 - it`s now a hotel:

I work there and have been doing some research on the house and Lewis family.

let me know if you want to share info


Clara said...

This info is very interesting and helpful. Thank you for sharing. My Lewis lineage is:
-Thomas LEWIS (Margaret Gamage)
--George LEWIS (Catherine Matthew)
---Edmund LEWIS (Mary Carey/Carew
----John LEWIS (Mary Button)
-----John LEWIS, JR. (Anna Lanphere)
------Joseph (1) LEWIS (Mary Wilcox)
-------Abraham LEWIS (Rebecca Chesebrough)
--------James LEWIS, Sr. (Phebe York)
---------James LEWIS, Jr. (Mehitable Flower)
----------Joseph LEWIS (Eunice Maple)
-----------George LEWIS (Charlotte PETTIS)
------------Nellie Mae LEWIS (Albert Allender) my grandparents

Please let me know if you see any errors.

Boise, Idaho

Hayduke said...

Hello Clara -

Unfortunately, there are a number of errors in this lineage.

There is no evidence that Edmond Lewes of Lynn, Massachusetts was the son of George Lewis and Catherine Matthew of Llystalybont, Glamorgan, Wales. This claim was made in the book Lewis Families of Wale and America by Edward Simmons Lewis in 1928. The author did not present any evidence to document that the Edmund Lewis of Wales was the same as the Edmond Lewes who boarded the ship Elizabeth in Ipswich, Suffolk, England and sailed to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634.

There are many Lewes and Lewis families in and around Ipswich, Suffolk, England in the early 17th Century, so there is no reason to look to Wales for Edmond Lewes' origin.

There is no evidence that Edmond Lewes married Mary Carew. This is an undocumented entry in In fact, we do not know the surname of Edmond Lewes's wife.

Edmond and Mary's oldest son John did not marry Mary Button. That was John Lewis of Westerly, Rhode Island. Edmond's son John married Hannah Marshall, Elizabeth Walker and Sarah Merriam and lived in Lynn, Massachusetts until his death in 1710.

I've not researched the lineage of John Lewis of Westerly, R.I., but I do know that this John Lewis was not descended from Edmond Lewes of Lynn.

Best of luck in your research!

Unknown said...

I assume you have found the Will of Edmund Lewis by this time! Incase you haven't, I found it at Ancestry at

Edmund and Mary Cary are my 9th Great grandparents.

Ran Prouse

Unknown said...

Hello Ran -

Yes, I have a copy of Edmond Lewes's will and Inventory. It's widely available through many sources and detailed in my book "Descendants ofEdmond Lewe of Lynn, Massachusetts.

To be accurate, there was no Mary Carey. We do not know the surname ofEdmond's wife, Mary, nor do we know where she was born, or anything about her parents or siblings.

The Mary Carey claim is from an old undocumented post to the LDS Family Search database. It has never been verified, another is no documentation whatsoever of Mary's birth surname.