Sunday, May 6, 2007

Searching for Edmond Lewis of Lynn

I'm been actively doing genealogy research for about seven years now. I successfully penetrated my brick wall, to find the ancestors of Thomas Jefferson Lewis, born in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio in 1810.

Now I'm researching the origin of Edmond Lewis, who traveled to Watertown, Massachusetts in 1634, with his wife Mary and his two sons Thomas and John.

Two books have upheld the myth that Edmond Lewis of Lynn was the same as Edmund Lewis of Llystalybont, Glamorgan, Wales, despite the complete lack of any documentation for the claim. In addition, many sources claim that Edmond Lewis of Lynn married Mary Carey of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England, again with a total lack of documentation.

I am searching for evidence of Edmond Lewis's origin, marriage and children in Norfolk or Suffolk, England. It makes far more sense that Edmond came from East Anglia than Glamorgan, Wales, as much as I would like to know that my ancestors are Welsh. With the timing of 1634 in the middle of the Great Migration to America, it is likely that Edmond was involved in the Dissenter or Puritan movement, a came to America in company of fellow members of that movement. Most of the passengers on the Elizabeth were from small villages in the Ipswich area.

This doesn't completely discount a possible origin in Wales for Edmond, though such an explanation is less likely.

Michael Alan Lewis